Winter is coming. . . . 


The Middle East has a reputation of being hot and dusty; and for a large part of the year that is certainly true. But it also has harsh winters, especially in Kurdistan.  Here the winter brings rain, snow, winds and bitter cold. 


Last year we sucessfully delivered a ton of donated winter clothes to refugees desperatley in need. At the request of the communities in and around Ankawa we have done the same again this year, and a ton of clothes are already on route to Iraq. 

Help keep a child warm this winter  


The clothing drives have now closed, been dispatched and arrived in Ankawa. Keep an eye on the Latest News section of this website for more information. 


However, you can still help. In partnership with others on the ground we are able to continue to provide to keep children and their families warm this winter: 


A £10 donation will help purchase fuel for heating for a month for a family of eight sharing a refugee unit or tent. 


Or a donation of £5 will help us provide gloves, hat and scarf to a child to keep them warm on the way to school. 


Please donate here  


All donations to this campaign will be spent directly in delivering aid to those in need. The money will go to supplying much needed clothing and equipment both directly and through our partner organisations and the churches in the region.  


Thank you to everyone who has already donated jackets, jumpers, hats, scarfs and gloves to the campaign. 


Many people organised clothing drives, and we are grateful to everyone who did so, more information can be seen here.  


Keep an eye on the blog to see who else and what else we are doing to help. 


Thank you.