The Trustees


In accordance with the requirements of the Charity Commission, but also to enable us to do our work, we are led by a Board of Trustees. The Trustees are a group of people with a range talents which we hope to use to develop the Charity into a force for action over the coming years.  


Everyone who works to run the Foundation does so on voluntary basis; we spend as little as possible on administration (mostly banking fees) and cover all our own costs.  We remain grateful to the family, friends and colleagues, as well as the growing list of Friends of the Foundation, who help us make a difference. 


Elliot Grainger

It was whilst working in the norhtern Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and attending the English Mass at Mar Elias Church in Ankawa that this whole project started. 


With the influx of IDPs in mid-August 2014, I was asked to help support the Church with financial aid. In doing so I got to know the people working hard to support the IDPs and continue to deliver a difference in the parish. Most crucial to this was their leading priest Father Douglas, who was such a powerful inspiration and from this point the Ankawa Foundation was born. 


A communications expert by trade, I hope to bring this talent to work to promote the needs of the communities in Ankawa. 

Rachel Quayle
Founding Trustee
Fundraising and Secretary

With a background in politics and events and now working for my chruch too, I was happy to help Elliot establish this charity in 2014 in response to the terrible attrocities against Christians in northern Iraq. I will be working with the foundation to help fundraising and relations with the churches in London and the UK.


Originally from the Isle of Man, my husband Will and I, have been regular attendees of St Michael’s Church, Chester Square in London since 2005. As well as running my own bespoke PA and events service, I work for St Michael’s several days a week, and before that  I worked in politics for five years. I enjoy a good read, cooking, party planning, and lots of sport, including walking my Jack Russell.

Revd. Marcus Walker
Church Partnerships & Liasons

The Revd Marcus Walker was born and brought up in the Middle East as the son of the Middle East Correspondent for the London Times. He is Rector of St Bartholomew the Great in London. 


Having worked in the UK Parliament for four years, part of which was for an Opposition Spokesman for International Development, he was ordained into the Church of England in 2011.


From 2014 - 2018 he was the Associate Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome, a permanent Anglican presence in Rome representing the Anglican Communion to the Holy See. 

Simon Cawte 
Campaigns and Communications

The work of the chairty has been inspiring, and I was only too happy to help when asked. The stories that I hear from the people in Iraq need to be told, and we have a duty to help where we can. I have been working in communications for over a decade, and hope to bring my weatlh of experience to the foundation to tell others about our work. 


From a background in politics, and working as an advisor to the UK Government, I now work on one of Europe's largest redevelopemnt schemes. Away from work, I enjoy culture and cars. I am also a member of my church council. 



Tom Barfield
Founding Trustee
Education & Schools

Listening to Elliot's accounts of the IDPs in Ankawa convinced me that we all have a role to play in supporting them and never allowing ourselves in the West to forget their situation.


I have a background in education and am always pushing my students to consider the responsibility we have to others.


To this end, I have been involved with running the Ampleforth Friendship Holiday, raising £20,000 for students with a range of disabilities, and I have recently started working with a partner school in Tanzania to support them, both financially and in their staff training.


I was asked to be involved in the Foundation to bring my educational charitable experiences to the Board, but also because of my experience of ecumenical Christian activism, being a participant in an ARC project in Paris, Christian Aid, Pax Christi and several World Youth Days. I hope to be able to support the raising of awareness in young people of the continuing challenges faced by Iraqi IDPs.


Helen Brown

More information on our latest trustee coming soon.