Teacher Training Course 2019

In July 2019, Ankawa Foundation organised a three week course of teacher training and development for the staff of Mar Qardakh School, Ankawa.


This pioneering school is attempting to be the first full I.B. school in Iraq, teaching solely in English and aiming to become a regional leader in pedagogy.

Ankawa Foundation arranged for five teachers from some of the UK’s top independent schools to travel to Iraq for three weeks. Our volunteers gave lectures and ran seminars on a range of vital topics, including:

-          Lesson structure and planning

-          Assessment for Learning

-          Differentiation

-          SEND pupils

-          Planning for progression across the year groups

-          Safeguarding

-          Classroom Management

-          Extracurricular Activities

-          Building a reading culture


The teachers also helped MQS staff develop and critique their units of work for the I.B. Every afternoon, there was work on the Iraqi’s staff’s English proficiency, including English for Learning, Teaching English as an Additional Language and Conversation Tables.

The centrepiece of the three week course was the Ankawa Education Conference 2019, in which every teacher presented a short paper at the Catholic University of Erbil, exploring an aspect of pedagogy that they had researched and the future areas of study that they would explore over the next academic year.

Our five teachers were treated in turn to the fantastic generosity of the MQS staff, including celebratory lunches, dinners out, and trips to sites in the region. This included a visit to Al-Qosh and the Rabban Hormizd Monastery, seat of the Chaldean Patriarchs, and to Teleskof, a village still rebuilding following occupation by ISIS. This helped us to put our teachers in their context: over half have fled their homes due to persecution.