We need volunteer teachers!

Following the success of our training programme in 2019 we are returning in July 2020, and need volunteers.

We are looking for primary and secondary teachers, from teachers in management roles and none. If you have EAL or IB skills, then that is a bonus but not necessary. All we ask is that you have the relevant experience to lead sessions with teachers who are keen to learn but who have little access to professional development opportunities. These schools need people who have expertise and who are willing to share this with them.

The training course, running throughout July 2019, culminated in the Ankawa Education Conference at the Catholic University of Erbil, where each teacher presented on one aspect of educational theory that they were researching. When we returned in October to assess the school, there was evidence of clear benefit to the students’ learning from the summer course.

This year, we have been invited back again for July 2020 and we are looking for volunteers!

Do you:

  • Find yourself sitting in INSET and thinking that you could offer something more useful/interesting?

  • Wish someone had sat you down at the start of your career and taken you through something?

  • Have two or three weeks in July 2020 when you are free?

  • Are able to attend a day’s training one Saturday in May;

  • Are able to raise £1000 in sponsorship to pay for your flights and insurance?

  • Have an interest in going somewhere different and making a practical difference?

Get in touch - tom@barfieldgrainger.com

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