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AF Completes October Inspection of MQS

At the end of the Summer Training Course, we promised that we would return to assess how what we had learned had embedded in the teaching of MQS. As a result, three teachers travelled to Ankawa in the final week of October to conduct a full inspection of the school, as part of their preparation for an upcoming IB Evaluation.

Inspection team - keep in touch!

We are delighted to share with you that all three teachers were impressed at the progress that has been made since July. Teacher planning was greatly improved and is now better organised and structured. Differentiation is being used more effectively in many lessons and there is a greater range of educational tasks and activities being employed. There are the nascent attempts at grappling with the requirements of SEND students, something the school needs further help with.

There has also been a huge push on building a reading culture: the library has been reorganised, a librarian employed and classes visit regularly to exchange books and discuss their reading.

We are impressed once again by the hard work of these teachers who are so keen to give their students the best possible outcomes in very difficult conditions. We look forward to supporting them further in their ongoing development.

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