On behalf of Mar Qadakh School we are recruiting an English as an Additional Language Teacher. Interested? Email our Director, Elliot Grainger with a CV and covering letter.

Job Description

The EAL teacher has overall responsibility for improving the standard of English fluency of the teachers of Mar Qadarkh School (MQS).

General areas of responsibility include:

  • To provide training to all members of the teaching staff (currently around 30) in rapidly improving their English fluency;

  • To assist the English curriculum teachers in the planning and delivery of EAL lessons to students;

  • To set up and support methods of improving the English proficiency of the parent body.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Provide training to all members of the teaching staff to rapidly improve their spoken and written English.

  • The staff’s abilities range from A1.1 to B1.2, with the majority at A1.2. The EAL teacher should have the target of moving each member of staff up two levels within the year.

  • Teachers should be aiming to achieve IELTS qualifications.

  • The time for EAL development of staff is not yet agreed, so part of the role will necessitate being flexible and also encouraging staff to give up their time to improve.

  • Assist the English teachers at the school to plan and deliver EAL lessons for the students. There are no native English speakers in the school, despite the fact that the entire curriculum and school day is in English.

  • Design and trial a system of support for parents wanting to follow their children’s attainment in English from Kindergarten onwards. This would involve sourcing and recommending resources, designing seminars and providing guidance.

  • Applicants should have a minimum of 3 years EAL teaching experience and a Bachelor’s Degree.

  • Good leadership, communication and technology skills are key requirements.

  • Strong organizational ability and initiative;

  • Experience with curriculum development and documentation within the IB.;

  • Previous experience of International schools or the region is encouraged;

  • Excellent interpersonal skills are essential.

  • Ability to manage own work

  • Open to the challenges of working in a foreign culture, in a close-knit community


The post holder will:

  • Be line-managed by the Deputy Head Academic.

  • Be accountable to the Deputy Head Academic in accordance with the priorities and policies of the school.

  • The duties of this post may vary to meet the requirements of the school.

  • Further details on the school can be found on our website

Remuneration Package

The remuneration package is excellent and reflects the status and quality of we require of Mar Qardakh school.

Salary is by negotiation, but will include annual flights, comprehensive medical cover, and visa and work permit assistance.

The Foundation is working to help MQS recruit. Employment will be directly with the school in Iraq, paid in local currency (IQD) or USD.

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