The Best Teachers are the Best Students

End of week two. We are now powering along with pedagogical improvements. However, today we say good bye to two of our UK teachers, Ewan and Trish.

A group photo is of course mandatory; here we are with some of our participants from the course. Who are themselves teachers.

Talking to Ewan before he left, it was interesting to hear him reflect on how teaching teachers had really encouraged him to look in more detail at his own teaching style, and habits!

Meanwhile, the language classes continue, and there has been some interesting role play this week around classroom management (with Helen playing the role of the disruptive student - something she seemed to rather enjoy)). In addition, preparation for the conference next week is getting our teachers back into the library, although I think mostly online, with several of our participants already talking through their findings and preparing their presentation skills.

However, it is now the weekend, and some well earned rest. We are off to visit Al Qosh and see the work being done there to support communities rebuilding after ISIS has retreated.

#MQS #Mar #education #Ankawa

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