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Summer Training Project Begins

We have arrived int Erbil for the start of the three week Teacher Training Programme.

July in Iraq is hot and dusty, and that is exactly what we have found. With teachers joining us from Shrewsbury School and Highgate School, we are ready to get started. Tomorrow we will be joined by 30 teachers from Mar Qadakh School for three weeks of training, learning, and sharing to help improve the school as it strives to deliver the International Baccalaureate, in English. A high-level, high-quality education for those seeking to rebuild their community, not only giving the best start in life to children struggling to make sense of their world, but giving new opportunities for those seeking to restart their lives as teachers.

The new approach to education is the mastermind of the Archbishop, and Mar Qadakh School is his leading education project. To start the training, he visited the school to meet with us, and the Head of School, Sally Boya, to wish us well in our programme. We hope to do him proud over the next few weeks.

Lets get started!

In the photo left to right: Sally Boya, Head of School, Ewan Gault, Highgate School, Carolyn Kossa, Deputy Head of School, Elliot Grainger, Director Ankawa Foundation, H.E. Archbishop Warda, Tom Barfield, Highgate School and Helen Brown Shrewsbury School

#ArchbishopofErbil #Ankawa #education #MQS #MarQadakhSchool

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