Iraq's oldest school.

There is evidence for a school attached to the church of Mar Michel since the sixth century; one of the oldest known Christian schools in the world. However, it has of late fallen out of use and been replaced by three state schools around the town. However, thanks to the generosity of donors in America and the Hungarian government, the school of Mar Michel is opening once again.

The new buildings, next to the New Monastery of Rabban Hormizd, are in the process of being built and the plan is to open the school as a new private school for 200 children in 2020. Over 60% of children in Iraq attend private schools due to the terrible state of national Iraqi education, and much of the schooling around Al Qosh is in the wrong language. What is notable about the new Mar Michel is that it will be open to both Christian and Yazidi children, as well as catering to the forty orphans in the church’s orphanages in the town.

The school is a way off being completed, but we promised Fr Salarkajo that we would visit it again in July to see progress. We have also raised the future prospect of providing future training of their teachers in conjunction with MQS.

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