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New project, new church, new city

Exciting news from Ankawa. After an appeal from the priest at Mar Elias Church, Fr Daniel, we are pleased to announce that we are supporting a new project in the region. We have agreed to repeat our successful support of the library and children's centre at Mar Elias, at their sister church St John's in Kirkuk.

We have committed to provide half the funds for the project, but hope we can do more - and we are seeking your help to do so.

Our mission is to support the needs of the Christian community in northern Iraq, and we are pleased to be involved in the repeat of a successful project at another church, in a another city so in need of support. This is our first project out of Ankawa with Christian communities in the more troubled, unsafe and unsure areas of the country.

However, providing children with a safe space to learn and play together is a key part of ensuring a future for them in the Middle East, and we are committed to helping the churches provide this much needed facilities for the local and refugee populations alike.

We look forward to brining you more details on the project, in the meantime, visit the webpage to keep up to date.

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