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Rights of refugees, rights of children

In our first report from UNGA, we would like to share with you what we learned from attending War Child’s event, “I’ve moved, my rights haven’t”, on supporting the rights of all children forced to flee.

The panel of experts identified the scale of the current crisis as unprecedented and expressed some cautious optimism for the outcomes of this week’s summits. That said, they warned of a “crisis of values” relating to migration both at home and in the governments of member states.

Education was identified as the key factor in helping refugees, particularly in terms of guarding the rights of girls. The spectre of Early Marriage is rising in camps around the world and we were reminded how few refugee children attend school of any sort.

Practical approaches were promoted by many of the panel members, including the essential requirement for aid programmes to ask the children how they feel they can be best supported and the importance of being able to replace the demands of the labour market with education.

Although these two summits are steps in the right direction, there is still a long way to go to solve the crisis.

This excellent event cast into relief our understanding at the Ankawa Foundation of our own situation and provides potential avenues for future action. You can read our full report on the event here.

To read more about War Child, the event and their important work, click here.

For the Sunday Times Magazine Report by Carey Mulligan, click here.

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