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Is it Genocide?

This week in the UK Parliament a motion will be debated:

'That this House believes that Christians, Yazidis, and other ethnic and religious minorities in Iraq and Syria are suffering Genocide at the hands of Daesh; and calls on the Government to make an immediate Referral to the UN Security Council with a view to conferring jurisdiction upon the International Criminal Court so that perpetrators can be brought to justice.'

The violent persecution, supression and expulsion of people not considered to be 'compliant' with the warped view of the world held by Da'esh in Iraq and Syria resulted in the foundation of our charity - supporting those fleeing war, violence and death. Since our inception we have been calling on people to speak out about it.

As a result, this debate comes at a poignant time. The United States has already called the persecution and destruction of Christian, and other minority communities in the region Genocide; we believe it is time that the UK Parliament does the same.

For a full account of our view, visit the webpage here.

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