Good News at Easter – and fundraising success!

Easter is a time of good news and renewal - and despite the challenges in Iraq, we have good news to share too.

The last few weeks have brought home to us all the horrors of the war in the Middle East and the terrorist violence that is part of this conflict. Despite that, we were pleased to share with the churches of Ankawa as Christians across the region celebrated this Easter. Despite all the violence, the hope offered by the message of Christ’s own sacrifice in the face of persecution is something Christians all around the world celebrate.

But we have further good news too. Our long-term campaign to raise funds for the mobile classroom (and library bus) passed its target over the Easter Weekend! You have now helped us raise £8500 for the project – passing the original $12,000 target for the project to be viable. This is brilliant news.

This is an amazing first step. We now continue to ask for your support to raise funds to train staff for the classroom, to get the classroom on the road and make this project a reality.

Due to the conflict in the region spreading into neighbouring Turkey, and restrictions on imports into Iraq, the delivery of the mobile classroom will take slightly longer than planned; but with help from many people in the UK, Europe and in Iraq, we are finalising the plan and with your help we believe we can achieve this in the next couple of months – hopefully in time for Whitsun.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support our efforts to bring education and a space for play to so many children living in cramped and crowded conditions. We cannot do this without your support!

Happy Easter

With thanks to Fr. Douglas at Mar Elias for the photographs.

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