Winter Campaign Report

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled ISIS (DAESH/IS) since the summer of 2014. Many of them are still living in makeshift accomodation, and struggling to build a life out of the wreckage of the situation.

No more is this true than for those who have been widowed and orphaned by the hideous persecution and war ravaging the region.

We were therefore relieved that we were able to help the CNSF and Rise Foundation with their Winter Campaign, to support the needs of 639 orphans and 300 widows around the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The winter campaign gave food, medical and heating support to families in need, and we were able to supplement this with warm winter clothing for orphans - gloves, socks, jackets and jumpers to keep away the winter cold.

The two Kurdish foundations we work with on the ground are delivering aid across camps, centres and people living in makeshift accomodation offering support to widows and orphans in particular. Their work has helped to offer emergency medical care and education to children whose lives have been traumatised by ISIS, and we are proud to support them in their endeavours.

Thank you to everyone who donated money and clothes to the campaign. We cannot provide this relief without your support.

The latest update from Rise Foundation:

Rise Foundation and CNSF started the winter campaign in October 2015.

  • The work has covered the needs of 639 orphans and 300 widows due to ISIS.

  • The campaign provided winter clothes including coats, sweaters, gloves, socks, to orphan children.

  • Food boxes that included tomato paste, rice, sugar, tea, 2 types of beans, cooking oil and salt were given in one distribution and 2 bags of flour in another distribution.

  • Also hygiene boxes were given that contained feminine products, tooth paste, tooth brushes, dishwashing soap, soap bar, small towel, sponge, small bottle of hand sanitizer and band aids.

  • In another distribution the kits included: laundry detergent, dishwashing soap and a sponge.

  • 640 blankets were given to orphans and diapers were given to the children in need.

  • A total of 796 heaters, kerosene and electric were given to each family unit. Some of these heaters were given to rescued people that were captives of ISIS

  • We also conducted critical needs assessments of the women who were in captivity of ISIS and provided them necessary support.

  • A distribution of kerosene enough to cover the families for 2 month.

  • Medical care was also provided for some people that were sick, injured or living with a chronic illness.

  • We sponsored multiple reconstructive surgeries for an 11 year old orphan who was captured by ISIS.

  • 20 orphans are now receiving an education due to donations that have been given.

  • Women rescued from ISIS captivity have received 300 pieces of clothes, over 50 heaters, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, and medications.

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