Warm clothing makes a difference

Winters in Iraq is cold. When living in a tent, or makeshift house, cold is an understatment; the wind, snow and rain can make life hardwork, especially for small children. This is why our clothing drives have proven popular with the community, and why they matter to the families they help.

Together we have distributed to over 800 orphans and their guardians. The clothes, donated by so many of you, were used in deliveries across 11 locations. Throughout the campaign hygiene kits, food packages and blankets were also distributed. This was supported by CNSF providing medical and heaters as well as over 10,000l of fuel.

We are proud of what we have acheived, and we could only have done this with the help and support of people and organisations who gave so generously.

Thank you. Together we have made a huge difference to orphaned children, in staying happy and healthy this winter.

#winterproject #ankawa #children

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