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Something to live for. . .

The news in the UK over the last 24hours has had verious stories relating to the travel of migrants from the Middle East through Europe: the challenge this poses for the EU, for the migrants and for us as individuals.

(read about the challenge to Europe here, and the Afican EU summit here)

The people of Europe, the German government and in the UK soceities groups, communities and the churches have called for us to do more; to take in suffering people and offer them a home.

But our question is: where does this stop?

People are travelling in their hundreds of thousands because they have nothing to live for in their home countries and Europe is offering them something: even if that is only an aspiration.

We beleive in giveing people something to live for.

In Iraq for example, the people we have spoken to are desperate to stay, but also resigned to the reality that a better life will onlybe found abroad. Most refugees, Syrian and internally displaced Iraqis quickly talk of a hope of travelling to the USA or Europe. With the case of Christians and Yezidis this has the potential of realising the extremist agenda by making a life for them in Iraq untenable. With nothing to live for in Iraq, why should they stay?

These proud people have an amazing resilience and with a little help they can have so much more to live for.

Our education projects have this sentiment at their heart - learning as well as living - making education part of life for refugees seeking help.

If we are to hope for a better future for the people of the Middle East we have to give each individual a hope of a better future. Education is central to this; giving people the tools and knowledge to change mould and improve the world around them.

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