Building the civilisation of love

Last week we were privaliaged to be at Holy Trinity Sloane Square, London, to see the installation of the new Rector, Revd. Canon Nicholas Wheeler. During the service The Lord Bishop of London, The Right Rev Richard Chartres gave the sermon.

In it he spoke of the evils we are facing at this time, not least in the persecution of Christians in Iraq and Syria and the need for us to have confidence in our faith and the love of God 'which knows no limits'. He called on all of us as Christians, regardless of denomination, to stand together against the evil, that itself sees us all as one people.

At the Foundation we are trying to do just this - Roman Catholics, Anglican, Orthodox, Methodist, Presbytarian - coming together to support our brothers and sisters in Christ aginst persecution in Iraq. This sermon gives us much to think and pray about relating to God's love and our need to act to build a civilisation of love across the world.

Some excerpts:

"We are facing a time of promise and peril...

"It is a time when the many cultures in our human family are accessible to one another in an unparalleled way. This could result in more conflict as threatened groups retreat into more exclusive versions of their identity or it could be a stimulus to finding a way to a richer and more harmonious life together. At the same time there is a question whether the economic developments, which have lifted millions out of poverty, are really sustainable. It has been in many respects a golden age for the human species but the challenge facing us is to ensure that the golden age can be sustained and its benefits extended to all. The most recent encyclical from the Pope Laudato Si is a profound meditation on these questions...

"Jesus is God’s communication, his word made flesh and blood. His way of self-giving love which knows no limits, revealed in all its depth on the cross, is the way to participation in the life of God and into building the civilisation of love which is God’s will for the world. We have this confidence at a time when we are menaced by political religions but when at the same time people are searching for political depth...

"The distinctive stories of Christian denominations and the history of spats within the Christian family are alike fading. Those who murder Christians in Syria and Iraq see us all simply as Christians. It is time we did the same...

"In this post-denominational world our Church can recover her profoundest Catholic identity as a deep church founded on the apostles and prophets; worshiping the tre and living God; teaching and inhabiting mere Christianity; under the banner of generous orthodoxy open to friendship with all members of the one church which Jesus intended and tolerant not because we believe so little abut God, but because we believe so much...

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