Learning as well as Living


Having fled the horrors of ISIS, having found shelter among the people of Ankawa, our fellow Christians now have one overwhelming need: education. Without education their children are going to grow up with nothing but horror in the past, boredom in the present, and hopelessness in the future.

This is why we are launching a new campaign– Learning as well as Living.

We will raise funds to support education across 17 refugee centres in Ankawa.

With fifteen thousand refugees hitting the small town of Ankawa so suddenly, they simply don’t have enough classrooms for all the children. What they have asked for is a Mobile Classroom. This converted bus will be a safe space where children can learn – having a glass wall, so that the girls can be seen from outside (particularly important in a brutalised culture where rape and abuse are endemic). Children will also be able to explore art, music, and languages in the bus, as well as the opportunity to meet and study together away from the camps where they live.

None of this is possible without your support. We need to raise £10614 to buy and resource one mobile classroom.

Working with the teachers and volunteers on the ground we hope to revolutionise access to education for these children, helping bring hope of prosperous and better future.

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