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Distribution of much needed aid

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When we started out with the clothing drive in November 2014, we had no idea it would delivery such a huge amount of clothes!

This week, we started to distribute these clothes, starting with the much needed winter clothing. This has come at a much-needed time, as cold snowy weather is set to return this weekend.

Delivery of the aid was facilitated by one of our partners on the ground, the Rise Foundation, and we want to thank them for their brilliant support in ensuring that our donations reach those most in need.

Lucy from Rise gave us this report,

‘We distributed a selection of warm jackets and fleeces to 20 IDP families at a site called "Washland": an unfinished building off 100m Road in Erbil. They are outside of any larger and structured aid networks, such as formal camp sites, and thus in dire need of the small scale and targeted support that we provide. We have been distributing food boxes to this site for a number of months now.

“To ensure a fair and efficient distribution, we packaged the clothes - one jacket to each family member, an extra fleece for anyone under the age of 18, and additional toddler and baby clothes - in black bags and specific to each family.

This has been much needed as there is a cold snap running through the country, and on our return to the camp today we saw many children wearing the coats and clothes we have handed out.”

We want to thank Rise for their help, and look forward to updates of the continued distribution in due course.

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