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New Year starts with nearly £2500 raised!

First of all thank you! What a fantastic response to our Christmas Appeal! We have raised £2490 to help support Christians seeking refuge from persecution in Ankawa.

Epiphany is the end of Christmas, the festivities are over, the decorations are down. But, it is also the time we get back to work, and start the New Year with purpose and hope for a good year ahead.

The Christmas campaign has given us the ability to continue our work in supporting the Churches in Ankawa to give food, clothes and hope for the future to the thousands of IDPs and refugees seeking shelter from persecution.


This week we will dispatch another delivery of clothes for those seeking warmth from the winter cold - with a third dispatch now possible later this month due to the fantastic donations in both clothes and money to this good cause.

We will update you on the journey of these aid packages in due course. In the meantime, a big thank you has to go to those who have been so generous, espeically the students and parents of Radley College, and Ken White for a large donation helping get the current boxes on their way.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

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