Advent; Preparing for the arrival of Jesus

As a Priest friend of mine said recently, 'Do they know it's Christmas? Yes, because they believe in Jesus Christ they had to flee for their lives.'

Yet despite the chaos that their lives have descended into, Christmas is still a time for hope. To make the best of a bad situation, the photo above shows the Nativity at the Mar Ellia Church in Ankawa - a poignant image of the Christ child born into the tent of a refugee, seeking shelter from persecution, to which the Priest, Father Douglas adds, 'Jesus was born into the world to save mankind, but who will save us?'

This is just part of my most recent visit to the IDP camps in Ankawa that caused me to choke back the emotion.

We have delivered our first, and the smaller proportion, of our winter campaign aid parcels. More photos of this to hopefully follow (slight camera technicality), but they were greatly received. The donations have come pouring in, with an overwhelming response from the boys and parents of Radley College, to whom we cannot express enough thanks.

More importantly, we are begining to devise more long-term plans to offer our support.

For both the current and future campaigns, watch this space.

And please, keep the people sleeping in tents, trying to make some semblance of life for themselves, as they approach the greatest season of hope this Christmas.

photo-3 copy.jpg

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