Winter is coming

The last few weeks have seen much change in and around the towns supporting the internally displaced people from the ISIS advance earlier this year.

Most crucially, the warm sunny weather has ended and ceaseless downpours, high winds and lightning have become the norm for weather as the autumn sets in hard.

This has turned people's attention to winter. Whilst the large organisations are acting - there are many tents going up across the sites with thermal insulation - there are still simply not enough tents.

Other organisations are being asked for blankets, fuel and for contiunued food support.

Here at the Ankawa foundation we are looking to fill a different need. Warm clothing and waterproofs.

The earth here is a very sticky clay, and when it rains it coats everything. At the moment we see small children and their mothers huddling under umbrellas to shelter from the rain. We want to provide proper coats as these children head to school, but we also want to start thinking about the next few months when daytime temperatures may climb to 10degrees, but ngihtimes will drop below zero and snow will not be uncommon.

Keep watching this site as we bring updates on our new campaign. VIsit the campaign page or donate viat the button at the top of the page.

Thank you.

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