It starts with food and shelter

This project was founded on the need to feed people at church, with the arrival of 800 people, 316 families in mid August following the advance of ISIS around the Nineveh plains.

Initially this need was great; the local congregations, stores and money raised through organisations such as ourselves provided food and drink for the inporomptu camp that sprung up in the chruch garden. It cost $1000 a meal to feed everyone, so moeny did not go far.

Our initial support was in the shape of baby forumla, cheese and honey, three things which became a routine weekly occurance! In addition, as we were unencumbered by what we could spend the money on we bought the church 2 fridges to store food in, and fuel for the generator to run them.

At the time the camp was a few tents, and people sleeping on matrasses under the stars. This has all changed. As the weeks have turned towards a month, and things begin to get more permanent, the needs and set up have changed. The camp now has the air of a small village, with the Priest in charge organising the needs of the people under his care.

Food and shleter are no longer the only concerns; health, mental and physical, and education of the children begins to loom as an issue that needs resolving. In addition to which the needs of the hard, cold, wet winter ahead also begin to occupy people's time and energy.

This is where we hope to help. Through supporting programmes looking at the longer term issues, relocation, education and social support, we can add our aid to specific community led and run projects, to help the community help itself.

As we develop our first project, we will write about it here. Please keep in touch with the updates, donate, link to us, and become a friend.


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