Our projects on the ground in Ankawa

A long-term future for the Christian communities in Iraq

Our first projects had very simple aims; to help provide for families seeking refuge from war and persecution in the grounds of the churches around Ankawa. 

As time moves on, their new lives in Ankawa are taking on an air of permenance. The chuchres are seeking permanent rental homes rather than the cabins in the camps. This causes new problems as the communities seperate out across the city. 

Social work, training, financial support and assistance with creating a new life are all being asked for by those we support. 

Click here for information on our projects supporting families. 


Education is a fundamental part of life, and a universal right under the UN declaration. 


But not enough is being done to support education for those who have had to flee terrorists and war and persecution.


Supporting children and young people is also essential to build a long-term future for the christian communities in Iraq. 

Living in temporary, crowded accommodation, we are also working to provide children with a space to learn and play


Our library project is aimed at providing safe spaces for children to learn and play together. 

Our Learning as well as Living campaign seeks to fund access to schools for those spread across wide areas seeking education. 


There is not one community. Ankawa is now home not only to the original host community, but also the multiple villages and townships that are seeking refuge as their own towns have been overrun by violent and hostile forces. 

The Foundation is working with the communities, through the churches, to help ensure cohesion and cooperation to build a better future. We are working to support that.

At the same time tradition, history, and culture risks being lost as villages are broken up, and people migrate. We will be working with the community to protect and record this history for the future. 

Christmas Campaign

Over the Christmas season of 2014/15 we told some of the stories of those who fled the persecution, robbery and death of ISIS.  These early stories are the ones that inspired this charity. 


The campaign aimed to raise funds for our Winter Project, which helped us deliver just over a ton of winter clothes to those most in need. 


The inspiring stories from this campaign are still on line, and we encourage people to reach them, to understand why we continue to work to help the communities in Ankawa.