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Our mission and values


We are a foundation rooted in the Christian faith, working to support all people facing persecution, or suffering from war and displacement in the Iraqi Kurdish town of Ankawa, with a large part of our work focused on helping the local churches in their mission and ministry supporting their communities and those seeking refuge. 


The Ankawa Foundation works to build networks of organisations in the UK, amongst churches, societies and schools to foster and promote support for the Churches in Ankawa and the communities they support.


We work with projects that support the people needing to rebuild their lives following the recent conflict, and focus on supporting the next generation to build sustainable lives for themselves in peaceful cooperation with their neighbours.  We will work to deliver this support through the local churches and charity partners to design and develop projects they need to achieve these aims within their communities. 


We are striving to establish friendship links with the churches, and hope to educate and inform people in the Western Church to give a greater understanding about our brothers and sisters in the East. 


The Foundation was born out of small actions by many people across the world.


At its heart are two simple pieces of prayer: 


'Where there is despair, let me bring hope' from the St Francis Prayer


'Where charity and love are, there is God' from Ubi Caritas

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