Learning as well as Living 


Food, shelter, water, clothes. These are items we have been providing for the internally displaced refugees since last summer.


Now, as part of our renewed focus, we are shifting to the longer term issues, in particular  education.  


At the request of the local community we launched our project to fund a new school bus to support the 17 centres in Ankawa. They want to provide wider education support to the 4370 families, and roughly 8000 children now living in the town. This project was agreed with Fr Douglas Bazi of the Mar Ellias Centre in Ankawa taking the lead. 


The project required us to raise £10,000 to provide the first mobile unit.


We were thrilled to travel to Ankawa at the end of June 2016 to deliver the bus! 

It was a fantastic to be able to see this project realised, and meet the requets of the community. We look forward to see how it changes the lives of the children and families in the months and years ahead.