Yea, Lord we greet thee





Christ came into the world, in the lowly setting of a stable. Far from home, to a time of uncertainty and worry.


The tent community in Ankawa lives in the same way today. This week saw a new born baby arrive at the camp. Whilst the hope of new birth is a great thing, the uncertainty of the life ahead of him is the inspiration to us help.


Help us deliver warm clothing this winter, and continue to support the needs of the Churches in Ankawa in keeping the hope of the salvation in Christ alive.


A prayer this Christmas:


Christ came in humility to share our lives. Help us be humble and help those in need this Christmas.


Christ came with good news for all people. Help us speak the good news to others.


Christ came in love to a world of suffering. Little has changed. Help us  end this suffering and bring about the Kingdom of God.