What can I give him? 


The shepherds were the first to witness the arrival of Christ after his birth, local men and boys, of no relation or connection to the Holy Family.


Much can be said of the local people who were the first to help the IDPs when they arrived in Ankawa. In fact it was four weeks after their arrival before the international aid agencies got involved. It was the local Christian community who came together to provide food, shelter and clothes and the international businesses on the ground went into fundraising mode to help provide for these people whose lives had been destroyed.


When the Mar Ellia camp first came together it was chaotic and as we have discussed it was Fr Douglas who led the organisation, but helping him achieve this was an inspiring group of teenagers, local young people who felt the need to support their fellow Christians in need. On a normal Sunday this team of young people were the choir, but when the need arose, they were at the front to help cook, arrange childcare, source doctors and medicine, and run the administration.


'What can I give him, poor as I am?' Is the refrain associated with the shepherds and a question enthusiastically answered by the local community at the beginning. Now it is our turn; today we finished packing 497kg of aid clothing to be shipped out to Iraq. 29 boxes of warm winter clothing, hats and scarfs, that werekindly donated in response to our winter campaign.


Please think what it is you can give this Christmas and make a donation to our campaign.


A donation as small as £5 will help clothe a child in a camp with a jacket, pair of trousers, hat and scarf, protecting them from the freezing weather this winter.