Do not be afraid


"Do not be afraid." It's an easy thing to say, but a difficult thing to
believe. One voice, can, however, herald the change, have the power to
change everything. 

For our camp, the voice that has made the difference has been that of Fr
Douglas Bazi. A man who has personal experience of being an IDP, having
been forced to flee from Saddam himself on three separate occasions, he
was faced in July with a church and churchyard filled with those fleeing
from ISIS. As the parish priest of Mar Ellia, his flock had blossomed by
800. What they lacked, however, was everything.

Fr Douglas has used his own experience to organise the camp, to provide
shelter, food, sanitary facilities and education for his new parishioners
sheltering around the church. He has also used his voice, appealing
politely but firmly to anyone who might be able to help. It is his voice
that the Ankawa Foundation was created to answer. When he tells the
frightened members of his parish, sheltering in the tents in the cold,
their possessions stolen and their future uncertain, "do not be afraid" he
speaks to us too.


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Please note, photo is from a recent report on the Mar Ellia camp in the Daily Telegraph (UK) the article can be read here: