Ankawa Education

In response to the Archbishop of Erbil's request, and with the expertise of our trustees, we have developed a specific Ankawa Education project, to help develop the educational opportunities in the diocese.  


In doing so we have developed close working relationship with the Mar Qardakh and Al Bashara Schools in Ankawa, the Catholic University of Erbil. 


The Ankawa Foundation was pleased to run a 3 week summer school in Erbil for teachers at the diocese's International Baccalaureate school Mar Qardakh in 2019. Following this, we have developed on ongoing programme of support, and wull return in 2020 to run a new training programme. For more information, to offer your talent, time or treasure, see the links below or to the right.

July 2020

Summer Training


Mar Qardakh School
Al Bashara School

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