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Ankawa Education

Teacher Training

In July 2019 the Ankawa Foundation ran a three week teacher training course for the teachers at Mar Qardakh School. From here our relationship has grown, and we now strive to provide ongoing professional development to teachers at the school and new staff as they are hired. 

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Teacher Training Course 2019

Al Bashara School

Al Bashara school offers eduction to displaced and refugee families, as well as local Ankawa families in Arabic. 

Since its foundation just over a year ago it has grown to support 200 children. 

Click, to find out what we are doing to support the amazing work at this school. 

Al Bashara School
Mar Qardakh School

Mar Qardakh is an English language school offering an international standard of education. 

The Foundation is working with the school to improve teaching and language standards to rebuild the education quality lost in recent conflicts. 

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Mar Qardakh School

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