Providing for the Class of 2022


Over the course of our last visit to Ankawa, Fr Douglas demonstrated how many of the initial problems for the IDPs had been solved: they have watertight accommodation, access to regular food, clothing, and some have managed to find employment locally.


However, education is an area of great concern. The current intake of students starting at secondary school will graduate in 2022. We want them to be seeds planted for their future country, rather than opportunities lost.  Education is their greatest hope. 


Therefore we have created a project to support the Class of 2022


The project aims to take groups of teachers from the UK to teach in the schools in Ankawa, to show support for education, the children and the teachers working in challenging situations of overcrowded schools and limited resources. We want to help develop education, share teaching practices, and put education at the heart of these children's lives. 


For more information see the detailed project page, or contact our lead trustee for the project, Tom Barfield,