Something special, for a special time of year.


There is more to life than survival. This Christmas will mark the first major festival in which the internally displaced people are away from home, and facing the turmoil that has affected their lives. We want to ensure that this Christmas is not simply another day, that there is something to celebrate. As a result we will work with the Churches to ensure every family, and ever child has the chance to fully celebrate this important feast. 






As of 2013 the Kurdistan Regional Government made Christmas an official holiday here within the KRG. That means everyone is able to take the day off, no matter what religion, to celebrate this Crhistian Festival. 


This is a remarkable event, and makes the KRG the first professed muslim government to grant this honour to the feast day in another religion. It exemplifies part of the tolerance that has begun to take effect here in the KRG, as opposed to the reality in many other parts of Iraq, and is why this region is seen by many as a safe haven. 


This does not mean that all is well, and there is still much that the KRG can do to help the people Christian communities within the KRG and on their behalf in the wider region. But it is a sign of hope, that Muslim, Christian, Yazidi and others can live side by side in the Middle East.