Community Projects

Centre for the Self In Need

The Mar Elias Centre for Refugees is attached to the Mar Elias church, and has worked hard to support the people under its care. 

In recent months, it has been clear that there is a need to provide for the mental and psycological trauma people have suffered. As a result the centre was estblished to help provide group and one-on-one therapy for those who need help to overcome the trauma they have suffered through war and violence. 

This centre is a revolution. The communities in Ankawa, originally from close knit villages in the Nineveh plains are not open to talking about their problems, even less so when it comes to mental issues. As a result those most in need have had to be drawn in slowly with the amazing patience and care shown by the staff at the centre. 

Using a process for understanding the personal problems based on bible study, the team are able to build trust with people, understand their trauma and work through the psycological issues related to it. This work is supported by trained social workers and therapists. 


We are pleased to have been able to help this centre. As part of this support it was agreed that the new shool bus, we recently donated, would also support the social workers in reaching out in the community. By doing this they are able to widen their offer of support across the whole town.


More information on how we plan to continue to support the centre in the future will be published soon. 

Children's Centre and Library

Some of our earliest projects were providing safe spaces for children to come together to learn and play - away from school, and away from their families. 

As part of our work to help the families that are making new lives in new cities, we are working with the Mar Elias church to repeat their successful library and children's centre at Mar Elias, at their sister church, St John's in Kirkuk. 

The project is in its early planning stages. A venue has been identified and the necassary work to make this project a reality is being assessed. We have committed $2,500 to the project - half the funds needed, but enough to get the project underway. 

More information coming soon.