Call to Action

From one Christian to another, knowing that we are praying for them and thinking about them is a huge support to the Christians of Ankawa. One of the key things we always ask our supporters to do is pray for the Christians of Ankawa


As part of this we establishing partnerships between the churches, schools and organisations in England and Wales with the Churches of Ankawa. If you are interested in your organisation being part of this programme, please get in touch with us by email. 



Partner with us

Every month we are looking for a church (school, University or university college) will be partnered with a church in Ankawa.


The partnering will include resources from us for use in church, Sunday school and parish literature, as well as through a visit from us to talk more widely about the issues and reality on the ground and about our work supporting the churches of Ankawa.


In return we will ask for a donation from the church, either from a one off event, or a collection at a service over the course of the month, which does not impede the needs of the church itself. It would be great if children and adults could show their solidarity with the Christians of Iraq through gifts and crafts we can send to the Church they are partnered with.


We will work to ensure that photographs, cards and other items of support are then passed from the church in the UK to the churches in Ankawa, and that their thanks is sent in return.


The centre-piece of the partnerships will be for all churches and groups who have taken part in the project to host a vigil for Iraq on the evening of the 9th June, or partake in our  day of prayer for persecuted Christians of Iraq on the 10th June.


Who we work with


We work with churches from across the broad spectrum of Christianity within the UK, and our work is aimed to raise awareness of the plight of the Church Universal and our need to work together for Christ, regardless of sectarian differences.


Within schools and universities, though we may work through a designated Anglican or Roman Catholic institution, part of our call will be for congregations to come together in their support of the wider church and those persecuted for their faith in Christ.