The Bus Project - Delivered

Thanks to Fr Douglas's amazing efforts, the Mar Elias Centre gained a well-stocked library and a variety of resources for children. However, he wanted to share those resources with other camps in the area. He began to talk to us about raising money for a bus to act as a mobile library or classroom.

By the time we'd made some progress on this, however, conditions on the ground had changed. The churchyard was empty and the IDPs had moved away into private accommodation. There was a genuine fear that this would mean many people would be cut off from their new community and would be unable to access the social care of the Centre for the Self in Need.

As a result of this change, following consultation, we redirected the funds from a library bus into a bus to for transportation, thereby ensuring that everyone would be able to continue to access the vital care they needed, and that the community would continue to exist.

This was the most expensive item we have ever fundraised for. Thank you to everyone who held events, collected funds, spoke at meetings, held bake sales: we are very grateful. Thank you.