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“Do you think you can get people back home to help?” 


This was the question asked of me by a friend in the congregation when our church in Ankawa became home to 800 internally displaced people overnight. I was sceptical, but asked friends and family through social media if they would give some money to buy food and drink to support the families in need. 


And the support came flooding in. $7000 in a week; from people I knew and people I didn't; from the UK, the USA, Germany, Australia and even Rwanda. 


The priest was grateful, but cautious. “This is very kind...But you will leave. Everyone will leave eventually, then what will we do?”


Our Story

This charity is designed to ensure that we do not leave and that we do not forget. 


Since 2014, Iraq and the plight of its Christian community has faded from the headlines. Our aim is to ensure that the needs of that Christian community, and the other minorities it serves in Ankawa, remain in the prayers and hearts of people in the UK.


As more of Iraq's Christian communities make Ankawa their home, we can only imagine what they have been through. They need to know we continue to support them through the universal Church.


But we also want to help in practical ways. People need to rebuild their lives, and others simply need help for the day-to-day. We will work with the churches in Ankawa to provide this help. For more information on how, please see the 'What We Do' section of the homepage.


Elliot Grainger, Founder and Chair of the Trustees

From a simple request...
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